Sisters by Heart

The women of the church are busy making all kinds of crafts to be sold at the Arts & Crafts Fair in town.

The last Monday of the month offers a good time to have a craft night to enjoy making things together.  Last month we took panels of wood and stapled cloth from top to bottom and side to side.  We gathered the cloth strips in the middle to form a cross.  In the center of the cross we attached buttons, flowers, buckles or whatever to decorate.  Some have a scrabble letters glued to form the words love or grace.  This month we will gather to paint clothespins to pin to window shutters for a Christmas card holder, photo board, etc.  Shutters will also be put together to make a corner shelf unit.  All these will be sold at the Arts & Crafts Fair on the 3rd weekend in September.

Gifts appear secretly as women honor their Secret Sister during the year. We draw names to choose our Secret Sister and then pray for them and remember them throughout the year with gifts and notes.