Summer Food 4 Kids

We will once again be feeding low income children every week day of summer.  Due to the corona virus we will not be entering the building but will be handing out grab and go lunch bags outside the front door and under the car port for those in cars.  These meals will include a hot meat dish, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, cookie, and milk.  All volunteers will wear face masks and gloves.  Children will be encouraged to practice social distancing, grab a lunch, and go home to eat it.  If the swimming pool is open, we will provide free swim passes to those who grab a meal.

This all begins June 1

Apr 12


The Red Cross Bloodmobile will be set up here on April 12 from 12:15-6:00

Please register to give blood so that others can live.  

For every pint that is collected, the Red Cross will donate $10 to our Summer Food 4 Kids program.  So you are blessing 2 worthwhile organizations with one donation.

To schedule your life-saving appointment call 800-RED-CROSS.  Use sponsor code:  Hillsboro.

Be sure to bring your photo ID, drink plenty of water and eat before your appointment.



Free suppers together every Thursday evening begins on Apr 8 at 5:30.

Supper is followed by classes to help people facing financial hardship get their feet underneath them again.  Childcare is provided.

Masks required.

6-feet physical distancing practiced.


Every Sunday we meet by Zoom.  it is great to see each other and share how our lives are going with each other.  The order of worship remains the same.  We include skits, hymns, and preaching.

If you would like to join us, let us know your email address by writing