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Sundays - 9:30 Sunday School for all ages

                  10:30 - Worship Service






All the men in the congregation are a part of the "Mennonite Men's" group.  


They have sponsored family banquets with a delicious meal catered.  And called on a guest speaker to inspire.


They have also taken on the congregational project of providing yard care for individuals who are older and cannot get out and manage their own lawns.  All it takes is a phone call to the pastor to get this service started.


The new playground was built and mulched by the men in the church.  Children of all ages enjoy playing there.

They have provided a food booth at the Arts & Crafts Fair.




Every Tuesday night at 5:30 we offer at weight loss group.  


This year we are challenging all the members to get out and exercise.   We want to total our walking and exercising minutes, steps, and miles.  Our goal is to walk the equivalent miles from Hillsboro, KS to Bethlehem, Israel/Palestine by Christmas.  Come join in and get healthy and stay healthy through exercise.

Sisters by



All the women in the congregation belong to the "Sisters by Heart" group.


They draw names to see who is their "secret sister" for the year.  During the year they pray for their secret sister.  They may also remember their birthdays and holidays in a special way with maybe a gift secretly left in the foyer in the church with their "sister's" name on it.


In Spring there is a salad supper for all the women and their friends, daughters, mothers, aunts, etc.  A lovely time indeed!

The last Monday of each month is often a craft night in someone's home.  We have made items to sell at the Arts & Crafts Fair:  crosses made from scrap cloth and old jewelry as well as shutter arts.




Children's Ministries


Every Sunday morning there is a teacher ready to lead children in learning about God and Jesus Christ.  Preschool and Elementary children are grouped so they can learn at their own level.


During worship there is a nursery staffed for those children who need a break from the adult worship service.


On Wednesday nights after supper, children are invited to participate in activities to help them apply what they learn to their lives.


* * * * *


A "Walking School Bus" is provided for children in town who need to get to school.  No vehicle picks them up, however, adults start at our church and walk to school "picking up" children along the way for a supervised walk to school.  This frees up the parents from having to drive their children to school across town.


* * * * * 


During the summer our church provides noon lunches for at-risk children.  Children who normally receive free and reduced lunches at school are invited to come and eat lunch at our church.  Here they hear a Bible story devotional, learn a prayer, and eat a nutritional lunch.  After lunch they all have chores to do to clean up.  They then receive a free swimming pass to get exercise and socialization.


This past year we served 135 different individuals with an average of 37 people a day.

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