Children's Ministries


Every Sunday morning we have Sunday school for all ages of children.


Every Fall and Spring Wednesday night we have class for all ages of children


During the week children use our playground, sidewalks and basketball court for play.  Tricycles find their way around and around the "roads" provided by the church's sidewalks.  The basketball goal can be raised and lowered depending on the age of child shooting.the ball.  The playground has 2 slides, a climbing wall, horizonal ladder, merry go round, swings, balance beam, and sand digger.  There is no fence around the playground. It is available to all every day of the week.


During the summer months, we serve the low-income children of Hillsboro a free lunch and provide a free swim pass for the day.

This past summer we served 135 individuals with an average attendance of 37 people a day.

Each child received a nutritionally balanced snack pack and then the church cooked up a hot meat dish, fresh fruit, and a cookie.