Dare to Imagine

First Sunday of Advent

November 28, 2021

9:30 Sunday School in Fellowship Hall

10:30 Worship in Sanctuary


We encourage everyone to wear a mask.  We understand that the resumption of mask wearing is frustrating and disappointing for many and appreciate your cooperation during this uncertain time.

We will again be seated 6 feet apart.

Sanitation for hands is provided at the back of the sanctuary


Words of Welcome

Happy Advent! We direct our hearts and our worship now toward the coming of Jesus at Christmas and at the end of time. Welcome.

Focus Statement:

Can we, dare we, embrace hope once more? We can when we remember God’s steadfast goodness and the goodness of learning and walking in God’s ways.

Visual Focus

The suitcase signals the invitation to travel with God into the future.  Dare to imagine.


      From:  Mark & Barb Unruh—in Memory of Dad Unruh and Mom & Dad Stutzman



Wed., Dec 1—Barb Unruh’s Birthday

Thurs., Dec 2—5:30—CORE meal and class

Fri., Dec 3—Lyle & Elaine Funk’s Anniversary

Sat., Dec 4—10:00-4:00--5 Places of Christmas at Goerz House at Bethel College



Candle Litany

Leader:            We light a candle of hope.

And we imagine:

People:            God’s righteousness, God’s steadfast love, God’s justice.

Leader:            We light the candle to see God’s goodness in us, among us.

People:            Imagine that . . . we are God’s wonders, blessed wonders.

Song:   276  “Solemn Stillness, Weary Streets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv_RSh5Yc3c



Confession and Assurance

Leader:            A friend once said children grow taller at night— while at rest—bones quietly stretch, and bit by bit their bodies grow.

Trees grow silently, too— from deep inside—energy is released.

Branches reach for the light.

People can grow silently, too.


We confess that all too often we stifle the growth God inspires deep inside of us, preferring the immediate, the good enough, the comfortable.


In Advent—O God—cause us to get up on our tiptoes, lean forward, and extend our gaze.


Surely God, who caused the righteous Branch to spring up, will enliven our imaginations in this season of hope.



The kingdom of God is near.

Listen—can you hear it?

Look—can you see it?

Our God says, “Surely the days are coming— they are already here!”




Scripture:  Psalm 25:1-10 (Pew Bible p. 545)

Message:  “Dare to Imagine God’s Goodness!”



Song:  210  “O Come, O Come, Immanuel (v.1-4)


Place your offering in the plates at the back doors

…For budget

…The bucket offering will go to The Silver Tree to buy Christmas gifts for children and elderly in our community

…Don’t forget the Food Bank.  During the month of December, we are bringing Jellos and Puddings





Time of Sharing Joys and Concerns Prayer

Please help…

            Discern our church’s future:  God, what are you calling us to do?       

            Eldon Funk--knee

      Donovan Funk—cancer

      Joyce Hofer—shoulder

      Margaret Funk--stroke


Thank you for…

Alfonsina and José Oyanguren have walked alongside Toba-Qom churches in the Argentine

Chaco since 2004, serving through a partnership that includes the Argentina Mennonite Church, Mennonite Mission Network and congregations in Ohio. Pray for them and their children as they build relationships and promote Indigenous languages and cultures.


Sing:  #216  “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”


  • * * * *

Thank you to those involved in the service this morning:

Worship Leading— Arlen Riesen                                               Preaching— Norma Duerksen

Story:  Phil Duerksen                                             Trustee Counting the Offering—Lyle Funk

Greeters:  Gerald & Sharon Funk and Linferd & Delores Funk                     Sound—Larry Funk

Pianist—Arlene Hett                                                                                     Zoom—Phil Duerksen

  • * * * *


Worship Attendance:            28                                                             Budget Offering:  $320.00 

Sunday School Attendance:  10                                                      Angel & Silver Tree:      $6.00


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