January 26, 2020        


Words of Welcome: 
In the name of the Holy Trinity, who holds darkness and light, night and day, rest and activity all in one loving embrace, we celebrate our diversity as we worship in unity. Welcome to all.


Focus Statement: God, if someone here needs a word of friendship, a hug or a smile, please point me in their direction. Through this worship, may they sense your love.


Words of Welcome


            What’s happening at Hesston College?


*Contemporary Song:  “I have decided to follow Jesus”

Call To Worship:  

      Leader: Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."
      People: We are gathered in your house, O God, to celebrate the                  light.
      Leader: Jesus said, "Whoever follows me will never walk in                              darkness but will have the light of life."
      People: We praise you, Lord Jesus, for illuminating our path

                    and helping us master our fear of the dark, even of the

                    dark tunnel of death.
      Leader: Jesus said, "You are the light of the world.... let your light                    shine before others, so that they may see your good works                       and give glory to your Father in heaven."
      People: Spirit of God, empower our witness to the Light, in this                  service of worship and in our whole beings, as women

                    and men claimed by the Light. Amen.                                          



*Sing:  #573  “What a friend we have in Jesus” (with #574 melody)


Sing:  #411 “I bind my heart this tide”

Music:  Come Thou Fount     Esmi Hernandez, Rachel Miller, Navy Widyani




Scripture:  Mark 8:27-31                                   (Pew Bible p. 999)

Message:  "The Gift of Surprise"  



*Sing:  512 “If all you want, Lord” (to the tune of Amazing Grace)


      (The plastic containers at the end of the pew are for your coins—

                                                 for Mennonite Central Committee—                     (Please sign your name & address and pass the friendship book)

Music:  “Thank You for the Music” - Navy Widyani



Time of sharing joys and concerns


Music:  “The Water is Wide”    Tanner DeGrado


*Sing:  #418  “Move in our midst”

Music:  ‘I’ll Fly Away   Men’s Ensemble


* * * * *


Thank you to those involved in the service this morning:

Keyboard— Ken Rodgers        Worship Leader— Norma Duerksen

Sound— Larry Funk                                      Story— Phoebe Janzen

Preaching-- Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg;  Director, Center of Anabaptist Leadership and Learning; Hesston College Bible Faculty

Ushers--  Linferd Frunk, Lyle Funk, Kenton Kaufman,

                        Ken Kohlenberg

Greeters--  Gerald & Sharon Funk, Linferd & Delores Funk

Trustee Counting Offering—Thomas Riesen


* * * * *


Worship:  35                                                          Budget:  $1,438.48   

Sunday School:  20            Mennonite Central Committee:     $100.00

                                                Mennonite Disaster Service:     $100.00       

                                                       Wednesday night meal:       $40.00

            Food 4 Kids:       $35.00    

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