August 1, 2021

9:30 Sunday School in Fellowship Hall

10:30 Worship in the Sanctuary




Words of Welcome 

Welcome to worship as we gather to praise the God of all creation, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who guides us in love.


Focus Statement:

Through worship and fellowship, Lord God, equip each of us for the work of ministry, and build us up as the body of Christ. Amen.




TODAY, Aug 1—after worship--Education Comm meets

Mon., Aug 2—7:00 pm--Trustees meet

Tures., Aug 3—5:00--Worship Comm meets

Thurs., Aug 5—CORE supper and class—TRINITY in charge of meal

Our church’s turn to cook for CORE is August 5.  Who can help?

We need a meat dish, vegetables, fruit, and dessert.  Arlene will supply the crescent rolls with jelly.  We are cooking for 25 people.  Sign up at the back of the sanctuary.  We need 2 servers.



Call To Worship 

      Leader: Everyone come, come and refresh without money and without price.

      People: Our hunger is not slight. We thirst for harmony and hunger for integrity.

      Leader:   Listen together, for we have words of life. Your yearning shall be filled;

                     our longing shall be touched.

      People: For there is a promise: “My love for you shall be as for David.

                     Listening, you shall have good food and abundance.”

      Leader:   Gracious God, who had satisfied the hungry and quenched the thirst of longing

                     people: Grant us now the gift of attentiveness, that our eyes may see the favor of

                     your love.

      People:  Grant us quickness of imagination, that we may see the signals of                                     your promise.

      Leader:   Grant us warmth of heart, that companionship may bind all within this house in

                     peace and love so that we may enjoy your wonder and grace.

      ALL:      For the sake of Christ, we pray, and for the sake of all humankind. Amen.


New Hymn of the Month:  #270 “In The Beginning”




Scripture:  John 6:24-35 (page 1056 in pew Bible)


Story  by Lynette


Message:  “Soul Nutrition”



Sing: #606  “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”



Place your offering in the plates at the back of the sanctuary

…For budget

…The bucket offering will go to MCC School Kits

…Don’t forget the Food Bank.  During the month of August, we are bringing Peanut Butter and Jelly

Thanks to all who brought the 40 lbs of food last month





Time of Sharing Joys and Concerns


Please help…

      Pam Riesen’s brother Mike

      Donovan Funk—cancer

      Darren Penner—MS

      Gerald & Lyle Funk families as they grieve the death of their mother Mary Ann Funk

      Chuck Seifert--Leukemia


Mennonite Mission Network requests prayer for the Service Adventure unit leaders, who completed their orientation last Friday, in Hutchinson, Kansas. Pray for them as they prepare to welcome participants in three locations, starting this month through October, in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Anchorage, Alaska; and Jackson, Mississippi.


Thank you for…

            Preparing a place for us in heaven

            Nourishing our souls


For our church’s future:

            God, what are you calling us to do in this place?



Hymn:  All The Way My Savior Leads Me”



* * * * *

Thank you to those involved in the service this morning:

Worship Leading— Roxann Ewert                                                 Preaching—Norma Duerksen

Story— Lynette Penner                                                                                    Piano—Arlene Hett

Greeters— George & Sharron Schutte

                  Stuart & Lynette Penner

Sound—Larry Funk                                                   Trustee counting offering— Arlen Riesen

* * * * *




Attendance in Worship:  28                                                                                Budget:  $1,710.00

Attendance in Sunday School:  15                  Bucket Offering:  Summer Food 4 Kids:       $25.20


* * * * *


Prorated Budget as of July 31, 2021   $106,280.00

Actual Expenses as of July 31            $  93.493.14

Giving Received as of July 31            $  99,211.14

Surplus                                                $    5,718.00


Thanks to your generosity we were able to pay for property and health insurance, utilities, taxes, paper to print the bulletin, support for Donovan Funk, copy machine contract, retirement plan, pianist, and salaries for pastor, secretary, janitor, and lawn mower.  Thanks for supporting the work of the church. 

* * * * *


Our daily average of lunches to families in town this week was 49 per day.

So that’s a total of 2,394 meals served.

As hot has it has been this week, you would think the children would come to get a swim pass, but many come just for the food.

* * * * * 

Trinity Mennonite Church

211 S. Elm, Hillsboro, KS  67063


Office hours:  10:00 am-5:00 p.m.  M-F

web page:


Norma Duerksen, Pastor:  620-381-0949


Deacons: Kenton Kaufman 620-877-7263

Randy Wiens 620-947-1707; Roger Hofer 620-877-0167